About Us

Mission Statement

Enhancing the employer experience through customized & focused intervention aimed at improving employee engagement & overall health outcomes.

Vision Statement

Captive Health will be the premier partner for employer-sponsored health coverage by providing integrated, evidence-based risk management solutions. We will revolutionize the employer experience through sharing timely and transparent data, establishing and fostering relationships, and leveraging technology to improve access and communication to the health delivery system.

Physician led.
Comprehensive knowledge.

Captive Health is physician led – with comprehensive knowledge of the health care environment and the employer-payer market, our leadership team understand the limitations and opportunities facing employers and their employees as they navigate our complex health care ecosystem.

Subscription Model

Captive Health services are subscription based. No per click pricing. A simple pricing model allows you to construct the perfect risk support plan – comprehensive or a-la-carte options are available.

24/7 Access

Captive Health telemedicine is delivered 24/7 with experienced local providers who understand the healthcare needs of your employees, and with simple subscription pricing, employees can engage telemedicine as often as needed – reducing high-cost ER utilization.

Documented Care

All Captive Health programming and employee interactions/care are documented in the EPIC electronic health record (EHR). The EPIC EHR is now utilized by over one-third of American health systems.  This allows for direct record sharing with your employees’ primary care providers. This allows for better coordination of services and reduces costly care redundancy.

High-Risk Support

Our high-risk disease support is delivered by clinical nurses with additional training in pharmacology, chronic disease management and employee health. This program specifically targeted to high-risk, high-spend employees with and emphasis on social determinants of health, polypharmacy, and care plan compliance.


The Captive Health wellness program is delivered by certified Health Coaches and is supported by the CORE Wellness platform. Our team promotes a workplace culture rooted in positive lifestyle choices. We help you empower your employees to take actions that improve their overall health, enhance productivity, and reduce healthcare costs

Doctor with stethoscope

Captive Health programming is data driven using inputs form patient reported information, health claims experience, pharmacy benefit reporting and other third-party sources.

Captive Health is here to help your business build and maintain a culture of health and wellness. Our program is aimed at educating employees about their health…

Captive Health’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) stands ready when your employees face personal or professional challenges that have a profound impact on their responsibilities… 

Captive Health Telemedicine delivered via MyChart provides your employees with 24/7 access to experienced providers when they need them the most…

At Captive Health we know that about 20% of your workforce is responsible for 80% of your healthcare spending. In fact, recent data suggests that 5% of your employees…

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