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Captive Health helps your business build a culture of health & wellness

The Social Determinants Of Health

Captive Health is here to help your business build and maintain a culture of health and wellness. Our program is aimed at educating employees about their health, health risks and  the impact of their lifestyle choices, and building an individualized wellness plan with the support of certified, experienced  health and wellness coaches. Informed and supported employees are better equipped to manage health risks and move towards healthier lifestyles allowing you business to experience enhanced productivity, employee satisfaction and reduce healthcare costs.

The Captive Health Team Delivers…

Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screening: Establishing a Baseline and Utilizing the Core© Wellness platform – We can design specific risk reduction programming to meet your employee’s individual needs.

Voluntary Wellness Programming: Well Coach certified coaches bring a wealth of experience in health promotion. Our coaches are actively engaged in developing strategies focused on lifestyle, health history, and social determinants that impact overall health of the employee.

Captive Health’s Voluntary Wellness Approach: Our approach has consistently demonstrated improved health metrics and overall employee health satisfaction:

  • Group Wellness Events and Education
  • Wellness Program Management 
  • Programming focused on specific disease states like tobacco use and obesity

Innovate your Health Offerings & reduce Business Risk

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